Services Overview

“The internet is not just a new marketing channel, advertising medium or a means to speed up business transactions – it creates the new foundation for industrial order.”
- Hamel, G. & Sampler, J. The E-Corporation, Fortune. For tech savvy entrepreneurs and Internet marketers, the World Wide Web competition is a blurred, borderless battlefield. Your slice of the market is no longer limited to your niche because you can go beyond promoting and selling a single product line. Websites now function as shopping malls. Knowing where your business ends and another begins is now a challenging boundary to identify.The Web has provided more avenues to empower the customer. Today, competitive advantage is not just about posh interiors, friendly salespeople and glossy ads. The brick-and-mortar has now become click-and-mortar competition – the war of search engine rankings, 5-star reviews and web user experience; things that we are not only experts in but are also passionate about.We at OneJump Web give your business online visibility to help you ace the toughest competition of the World Wide Web. Let us showcase your brand!


Search Engine Optimization

We are proud to drive high organic traffic and above average conversion rates to our clients. Our team is committed to improving your bottom line using white hat SEO. We have the expertise to bring you marketing success with our various On-Page and Off-Page tactics that survived Google Algorithms!

Pay-Per -Click Advertising

With more businesses worldwide broadening their horizons to include the Internet in their marketing campaigns, the competition for consumer…

Website Design

Internet users only stay on a website for three seconds before making the decision whether to close the browser window or read on…

Social Media Marketing

Based on statistics, around two billion people go online every day. The potential the internet presents is boundless. Will your company be among the…

Mobile Marketing

In this day and age, everyone has a mobile device. Thanks to the rise of the smartphone and consequently the tablet PC, consumers are…

Web Development

OneJump Web has built secure and profitable websites over the years. We have programming experts on PHP, Magento, JavaScript, SQL, and WordPress. We can build or improve websites that will cater to all your dynamic and increasing business needs. Expect our platforms to close the business, customer, and marketing loop.

Digital Marketing

As a brand, you need to get in touch with your customers using several channels – email marketing, organic search, banner advertising, and Facebook marketing to name a few. This means you need to have a holistic approach to being seen online. Our team can strategize on your campaigns and help your brand achieve online visibility, a positive online reputation, and increase your bottom line.

Content/Inbound Marketing

Millions of people go to the internet to solve a problem – and your brand needs to be there when they do. You have to go beyond copywriting to convert a prospect into a customer. As a brand, you must educate them and provide enough information to help customers make a business decision and, of course, that decision needs to be in your brand’s favor. OneJump Web can provide you PRs, infographics, and web content that will catch the attention of discriminating internet users. We can help you create value through your online content.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Ever wondered why visitors leave your website? This means you need to further improve your website design to enrich user experience. OneJump Web has the competence to help you increase your customers by buying your products, signing up for your newsletter, or subscribing to your services. We can make it easy for your customers to navigate your website.

PR and Media Relations

Our team has worked hard over the years to establish relationships with respected bloggers, authors, journalists, and influencers in the niche industries of technology, sustainability, and finance. Our connections are built on trust, transparency, and support so expect our network to be responsive and reliable.